We provide service for many industrial, commercial and residential customers. We rewind and repair motors up to 400 HP, most type of pumps, gear drives, technical expertise, commercial garbage disposals, motor cross references just to name a few.

Rework and design services can convert commercial equipment for 230 volt to 460, convert 1 phase to 3 phase or visa versa, remachine motor to fit pre-existing specifications, and wire motor control panels.

Service & Repair
For service, we can rewind all motors from 1/4 hp to 400 hp, rewind DC armatures and fields, replace bearings, rebuild endbells and rotors, repair power tools, repair hoists. We install and rewire new controls. We also install new seal kits and gaskets for repair pumps.
Electric Motor & Part Sales
We sell motors for heating and air conditioning, swimming pool and spa pumps and replacements for many industrial and commercial pumps, air compressors, farm duty, explosion proof, gear motors, transformer cooling fans, exhaust fan, and many other applications.
Septic Aerator & Part Sales
We specially manufacture and sell the LEM1800 Aerator with a custom motor from Marathon Motors.  Custom made brackets and shaft fit any septic tank. Wholesale pricing is available along with any parts or accessories you may need for your septic aerator.
Servicing Industrial, Commercial & Residential Customers
Service, sales, parts and repairs; we provide our customers with a quality product at a fair price.
Motor Controls
  • Contactors
  • Overloads
  • Bucketboost Transformers
  • Pilot Devices
  • Panels and Terminals
Electric Motor Parts
  • Bearings
  • Switches
  • Brushes
  • Capacitors
  • Fans
Pump Parts
  • Residential Swimming Pools
  • Jacuzzi, Pac Fab, Hayward, Gould, Master Flo
  • Most Common Brands
    Commercial Pumps
Pulleys & Belts
Frequency Drives

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