norweco septic aerator

Norweco/Singulaire Septic Aerator Replacement (LEM1800-14)


Replacement 14″ septic tank aerator unit for Norweco, Singulaire systems. We can also modify our aerator to fit other styles.



  • Run unit 24 hours daily to minimize condensation build-up inside the motor.
  • Periodic inspections should be made to remove lint and string build-up around shaft.


  • 1/4 HP, 115 Volt, 1750
  • 3.5 Amps
  • Hollow shaft motors manufactured by Marathon Electric
  • NEW vibration absorbing corrosion resistant brackets
  • More efficient air producing aspirator
  • 304 Stainless Steel Hollow Shaft, 5/8″ OD
  • One suds suppressor mounted on shaft, 10″ from motor, that blows unwanted contaminants away from motor

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All systems of this type work by using the bacteria that nature has provided. The bacterium in your system is alive and by introducing air into the system the bacteria will grow and thrive in much larger amounts than would be produced naturally. This bacteria increases the process of breaking down waste making it safe to release into the environment. A functioning septic tank requires an efficient septic aerator, if your aerator is not working this will be revealed in a warning such as an odor or an alarm indicator. A quick response insures that your system will not be compromised and endanger human health or the environment.

Our LEM1800 septic aerator unit provides the oxygen required for this process to occur. We have sold our unit for over 30 years and we guarantee our product will work for your system or you may return it, no questions asked. We offer a 2 year unconditional warranty. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our product we will work with you to satisfy any complaint you may have.

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